Web Design &
Search Marketing
is our "Thing"!

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Our Focus

An important component for every business, branding brings life to your company’s culture and sets you apart.

Free hosting is fine unless you count on your websites performance or want to handle increased traffic, that’s where we come in.

Some say you don't need SEO. But even Google admits it's helpful.

Web design costs can range and with them so does the quality. If a custom website isn't in your budget, take a look at our pre-designed website templates.

Our Goals

A brush with paint on it.


We like to be creative and shake things up! It doesn't have to be weird to be creative.

A slinky.


We're flexible! Not like a gymnast, but we can work with you in a way that's fun and not ridged.

A infinite loop with arrows facing one direction.


We're open about what we do and love to share. A free flow of ideas leads to success.

A T-Bone steak.


Yup, meaty! We focus on content that has substance, not on flashy stuff for "oohs and aahs".

Our Team

Headshot of Chad, the owner.
Headshot of Jolene, the co-owner.